You never know who you're going to meet on the first day of school. Sometimes, you can end up being introduced to one of the best friends you'll ever know. That was the case for Clemens and Philipp—otherwise known as Milky Chance. The Kassel, Germany duo met in an "Advanced Music Course" at the start of eleventh grade, and they creatively gelled right off the bat.

"On that first day, you're looking around the classroom trying to see who's cool and who's not," laughs Clemens. "We clicked though. It didn't take long at all for us to notice that we got along great."

They got along so great that they played in a local band until graduation. Even though the group disbanded when their drummer left Kassel, Clemens and Philipp kept on making music. Weaving together elegant electronic production with acoustic guitars and lilting, lush vocals, they harnessed a style unequivocally their own.

Clemens put it best, "Think of it as the singer-songwriter spirit mixed with electronic beats. Somehow, it's always a little bit melancholy, but there's a positive spin. You can dance to most of it too! Melancholy is something that I carry within me. I write the best songs when this mood catches me.”

In order to capture that, the boys built a tiny studio in the quiet house Clemens grew up in. Over the course of two weeks in 2013, they cut their full- length debut, Sadnecessary, on a minimalist setup, spending hours getting the settings just right. They didn't need anything more than a rudimentary interface, microphone, and computer. That's why Sadnecessary sizzles so much.

"There was never a plan," Clemens goes on. "We only played two shows before we decided to make the album. We never bought expensive studio equipment or even hired a producer. We did what we wanted to and what felt good at the moment. We just wanted to record our music. We never thought it would go further than that."

However, it went a lot further than that. After cutting the tracks, Clemens and Philipp uploaded the first single "Stolen Dance" to YouTube. With its bright handclaps, plaintive acoustic guitars, and his own gravelly smooth delivery, the song became a viral sensation, eventually racking up over 30 million-plus YouTube views and made them the "most blogged about act" on HypeM for that month.

About the song, he says, "It's less of a story than a feeling. The feeling in the song refers to a certain moment I wanted to hold on to. It's the sentiment you experience when you miss somebody you really like and just can't spend time with that person. You're sad the other person isn't there, but you're also happy for the beautiful moments you've spent together."

Sadnecessary, released on the musicians' own Lichtdicht Records in Europe, became a phenomenon. The live shows too started to take off. Driving themselves in their own small car, taking nothing but a guitar and a set of decks, Clemens and Philipp set off on what would eventually become a 100+ date European tour. Using nothing but their Facebook page to announce the shows, very soon Milky Chance were playing to sell out crowds at venues that increased in size as the tour unfolded and more shows were added. Culminating in playing to a rapturous capacity 7,000 crowd at Hamburg’s Dockville Festival. An experience Philipp described as “insane”.

Now, songs like "Down By The River" flow between poetic musing and delightfully danceable grooves. Clemens remains honest at every turn though. "There is actually a personal story behind 'Down By The River'," he adds. "In general it's about being in love, but there's a lot of room for interpretation. That's important to us."

Ultimately, because of that emotional expanse, these songs will resonate loudly with listeners everywhere. Clemens leaves off, "At the end of the day, we're most happy when people discover our music for themselves and have fun at one of our concerts. It's just great when they listen to a song and connect it to a personal experience. That's the most amazing thing, and we'd love to encourage that."

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31st March 2015

After having achieved great national and international success with their music in the last two years and after having been on extensive tour all over the world, Milky Chance are finally coming back home this summer. The band known for their hits „Stolen Dance“, „Down by th River“ and „Flashed Junk Mind“, will be playing a concert in their hometown Kassel on 14th August 2015. This will be their last Show in Germany before taking a creative break in that new material will be written. Tickets are available here.

29th January 2015

MILKY CHANCE announce their MILKY CHANCE & FREUNDE open air in Dresden - Junge Garde on the 20th June 2015. On Friday 29th June at 06:00 pm you’ll get the cheapest tickets for this event here.

22nd October 2014

It is official since the 22nd October. Milky Chance will compete against the Beatsteaks, Fanta 4, Kraftclub and the Mighty Oaks in the „Best Band“ category at the German radio award 1Live Krone. “Another crown would be great, because we are two of us and then we have two ones”, they are saying. Click here to vote and help them to not longer share their crown.

21st October 2014

North America Tour 2015 announced!

Click here to get tickets for their first North America tour ever.

20th October 2014

Milky Chance are in the pre-selection of nominees who are running for the price as „International Breakthrough Act“ at the 16th version of the French NRJ Awards. Until 2nd November fans are deciding by their vote who will be on the final list of nominees! Only four of the six pre-nominees have the opportunity to be selected. Support Milky Chance and vote here!

15th October 2014

Milky Chance is a winner of a EUROPEAN BORDER BREAKERS AWARD 2015. Now they have additionally the chance to win the Public Choice Award, for which fans can vote here. The European Borders Breaker Award (EBBA) is awarded by the European Union to honor and stimulate successful European artists outside of their own country.

14th October 2014

Milky Chance capture the USA and release their Album “Sadnecessary” on the north American market on 14th October, making their television debut on Jimmy Kimmel live! on OCTOBER 22, 11:35|10:35 CT on ABC. “Stolen Dance” continues to dominate Radio.

1st October 2014

Milky Chance releases a new edition of their celebrated debut album ‘Sadnecessary’ on October 31st alongside their new single ‘Flashed Junk Mind’.

16th September 2014

Milky Chance is nominated as „Best German Act“ at the MTV European Music Awards. „We are overwhelmed“, that is what our two guys are spreading around their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Together with friends and partners they are appealing their fans to vote.

25th June 2014

‘Sadnecessary’ achieved gold status in Germany.

5th December 2013

Milky Chance win the 1Live Krone 2013 for the best Single 2013 with ‘Stolen Dance’.

1Live Krone

3rd December 2013

‘Stolen Dance’ goes Gold.





  1. Stunner
  2. Flashed Junk Mind
  3. Becoming
  4. Running
  5. Feathery (Slow Version)
  6. Indigo
  7. Sadnecessary
  8. Down by the River
  9. Sweet Sun
  10. Fairytale
  11. Stolen Dance
  12. Loveland
  13. Given (Live from London)
  14. Nevermind (Live from London)
  15. Follow (Live from Berlin)
  16. Who to blame (Live from Berlin)


  1. Intro
  2. Fairytale
  3. Sadnecessary
  4. Given
  5. Nevermind
  6. Feathery
  7. Sweet Sun
  8. Running
  9. Down by the river

  10. Berlin:
  11. Insights
  12. Follow
  13. Loveland
  14. Flashed Junk Mind
  15. Who to blame
  16. Stolen Dance


  1. Stunner
  2. Flashed Junk Mind
  3. Becoming
  4. Running
  5. Feathery (Slow Version)
  6. Indigo
  7. Sadnecessary
  8. Down By the River
  9. Sweet Sun
  10. Fairytale
  11. Stolen Dance
  12. Loveland (Studio Version)
  13. Feathery (Bonus Track)
  14. Loveland (Bonus Track)


  1. Stunner
  2. Flashed Junk Mind
  3. Becoming
  4. Running
  5. Indigo
  6. Sadnecessary
  7. Down By the River
  8. Sweet Sun
  9. Fairytale
  10. Stolen Dance
  11. Loveland (Studio Version)
  12. Feathery (Bonus Track)

Maxi CD

  1. Stolen Dance
  2. Stolen Dance (Radio Edit)

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